The current state of Deagle and CS2 in general

I get asked a lot of questions relating to new and old features, so I figured I’d share a dump about the technical side of creating Deagle for CS2.

To essentially “port” a server from CS:GO to CS2, basically everything has to be remade. Assets (Maps, models, materials, sounds, etc) are all different in Source 2 compared to Source. A lot of these are easy to port, even maps because Valve has an official tool that helps you. It’s not perfect but it’s not terrible. This is why you are slowly seeing a lot of older maps come back, and also why a lot of them are hot garbage.

A big downside of this is that the only asset we can currently deliver to the player are maps, this is done through the Steam Workshop. We used to have FastDL, and that would allow us to self-host a massive list as of assets like weapon charms and masks. We are currently unable to distribute this to anyone when they join the server.
There are a couple workarounds though, none of which I have a plan on doing. One, takes advantage of what a "map " is. You may notice when you download a map it has its own models, materials, sounds etc. That is because those assets are packed in a map. So, if we wanted to re-add masks or hats then we would have to add those assets to every map that is on our server. There are also some third party launchers to download assets but I don’t think it’s worth it. Maybe Valve will give us FastDL support back.

Coding is another massive thing. In GoldSrc and Source 1 games we had AMX Mod X and SourceMod respectively. These are essentially the same thing, although each only works on their respective engine. Both use a fork of the Pawn scripting language, which has become synonymous with Valve game modding. It’s tried and true, however, it is difficult to be ported to Source 2. I think they are currently working on it, and maybe if it releases it will be popular again. But Source2Mod is no longer the primary modding framework of choice, at least for now.

So, myself and many others are using a new framework called CounterStrikeSharp, this is a modding framework in the C# language. It will end up doing the same things as SourceMod, however, it is very new and very broken. It will change a lot and who knows if it will even be around in the future. But it’s the best we have for now so we will use it.

That being said, all plugins on the Deagle server are written using this, most were written from scratch since everything is so new. I do hope that as they continue to improve CounterStrikeSharp that I can continue to improve our plugins, but only time will tell what direction we need to take.

All in all, it’s tough. I was lucky enough to get most of our basic stuff finished or at least mostly finished. And I think the future of CS2 modding is bright, but there are a lot of unknowns for exactly how that is going to look.

In terms of updates, Store is coming out soon. You’ll be able to purchase in game items (Colors, weapon colors, tracers, tags, etc.) with in game credits. I will also be working on a more advanced stat tracking plugin.